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"Taking control of my body"

Clare R on Sep 23, 2020

" I finally feel like I can make the choice of how I manage my periods.
Only took me to the age of 32! Mum of 3, life is busy, I was apprehensive if I would have enough 'alone' time to get to grips with using the cup.
I didn't need to be at all.
The online survey provided me with the right size. After years of not being able to tolerate tampons, I was overjoyed that I could not feel the cup at all. It stayed in placed all day and was totally stress free.
No going back now. My favourite purchase all year." Xx




Welcome to Sea+Flo. We are a Cornish Menstrual cycle wellness brand. 

Providing products that are great for you and the environment.

Our Periods are incredible indicators to our overall health. Ask yourself, how safe are the products I'm currently using? You need to use something safe that works well for you! Step away from the tampons!!

Our cups give you a period care option that is positive and liberating, rather than full of chemicals and toxins. Using a cup allows you to continue with your life knowing you're sorted and feeling comfortable.

We really believe in this product's power to change how you feel about your period and help you to own what happens to you each month. 

The Menstrual Cup from Sea & Flo is both Eco-Friendly and Sustainable. Durable and reusable, our cup's cover all your needs making your period hassle-free. 

We donate 25% of all profits to mental health charities.


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