How to insert a Menstrual Cup

Learning to use a menstrual cup is a journey. It might take a few days or even a few cycles to get used to your cup.
It's completely ok and normal to feel a little nervous or even scared. The most important thing if you're able, is to relax and take your time, listen to your body.

It's important to remember how individual you all are, to take this learning experience at your own pace and feel out the best way for yourself. If you struggle to insert your cup or experience any pain, talk to your doctor.

Here's our step by step Guide

WASH - It's important to wash your hands and your cup before inserting, we recommend using a mild unscented soap. We recommend leaving your cup wet or applying some water-based lubricant to help with inserting.

FOLD - Fold your cup into your chosen fold and insert into your vagina towards your tail bone. Once the entire cup is inserted let go of the cup and allow it to open up.

CHECK - Once you're happy the cup is open and the rim is sat snugly against the vaginal wall. You can give the cup a gentle twist, to see if this will encourage the cup to open up. Then give the base of the cup a very gentle pull if you feel some resistance, your cup has created a seal and you're good to go.

POSITION - With your finger feel around the edge of the cup to check the cup has fully opened up and felt completely round. If the cup hasn't you can twist it again to see if this opens it.
If you're struggling to get your cup to open up, that's completely ok. Take your time. You can remove (see removal instructions) and try again, or maybe try a different fold.

Once your cup is inserted correctly, it will create a seal against your vaginal wall and stay snugly in place, this seal prevents your cup from leaking. So if you experience any leakage it might mean your cup hasn't created a seal or needs to be removed more frequently if it's full.

You shouldn't feel your cup at all once inserted.

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