How to remove a Menstrual Cup

WASH - It is important to wash your hands before removing your cup, we recommend using a mild soap.

RELAX - Take your time and find a comfortable position that works for you: lie down, squat, sit on the toilet or stand up. Being relaxed is really important and you may find removing your menstrual cup more difficult if you are tense.

RELEASE THE SEAL - It is important to remember to release the seal on your cup before removing.

To remove your cup hold the little toggle and give a gentle wiggle downwards until you can grab the base of the cup.

EXTRA HELP - Once you can reach the base, squeeze between your thumb and index finger releasing the seal, you might feel or hear the seal is released. If you don't that's totally ok, you should be able to feel that the cup between your fingers is not fully round. Alternatively, you can insert your index finger up alongside the cup and push against it to release the seal that way.

If your unable to reach your cup, go into a position like a deep squat, or even ‘Happy Baby’ pose, to encourage lengthening of the pelvic floor instead of pushing. This may also increase space in the vaginal canal and may assist in removal. Bearing down can contribute to the weakening of your pelvic floor. If bearing down is necessary, do so gently, as if releasing gas or having an easy bowel movement.

REMOVE - Gently pull the cup to remove.

EMPTY - Empty the contents of your cup in the toilet, sink or we like to feed it to our plants- they love the nutrients. Re-insert or wash and store. Once your period is over, simply sterilize and store away for next time.


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