Top tips for learning to use a Menstrual cup.

Top Tips

Learning to use a menstrual cup is a journey, it can take a couple of cycles to get the hang of it. Here are my top tips for making your menstrual cup journey a smooth and positive experience.


  1. Don't wait until your period.

Have a go at inserting your cup as soon as you receive it. Waiting until your period arrives means you need your cup to work straight away, this adds pressure to get it right and leaves no room for mistakes or learning curves.

Practicing before and getting to grips with inserting, creating a good seal, and removing will leave you super confident when your period does start. The best time to practise would be around ovulation because we are naturally wetter at this time in our cycle which serves as a great natural lubricant. Remember your cervix will drop lower during your period so just bare this in mind when practising and testing where your cup will naturally sit. 


  1. Relax and take your time.

Feeling stressed can cause you to physically tense up this will make it harder to insert and remove your cup. Relax, find a comfortable position, I personally like sitting on the toilet but standing with one foot on the bath or even squatting. Whichever feels best for you. If you're struggling to get your cup to open up, that's completely ok. Take your time. You can remove (see removal instructions) and try again, or maybe try a different fold.


  1. Check your cervix height.

All vaginas are different, and all cervix sit at different heights, you may have already looked at your cervix height when deciding which size cup to purchase.

We feel that having an awareness of how high your cervix sits can really help you to have a rough idea of where your cup will sit. Your cervix can sit as low as 3cm inside the opening of your vagina or as high as 10cm. you can find full instructions on how to do this on our website, how-to page.


  1. Wet your cup

You might find you want to use a mild lubricant to insert your cup, we find running under warm water and inserting wet is helpful.


  1. Fold to remove

Our cups are firm silicone meaning the rim is great at holding its shape, this might cause some discomfort when removing.

A little trick is similar to using your index finger to release the seal. Hold the cup base between your thumb and middle finger and use your index finger to push the cup back into a C-fold, this will decrease the diameter of the rim and make it a lot easier to remove.

When pulling your cup out gentle ease it out taking your time and allowing the side of the rim closest to your bottom out first. 

  1. Check your cup 

You can wear your cup safely for up to 12 Hours. This dos however depends on how heavy your flow is. Check your cup after a little while and see how full it is. This will give you a good indication of how long you can leave it before you need to empty it. 


  1. Check the seal.

A cup sits snuggly against your vaginal wall and creates a seal making it airtight and stops any leaks occurring. If you don't create a good seal, your cup might leak. Check your seal by running your finger around the edge of your cup once inserted. It should feel completely round. then give the stem a gentle tug, if you feel resistance you know you have a good seal. 


I hope you have found this little blog of tips helpful if you have any questions please get in touch,


Many thanks 

Maria x


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