Period Power By Maisie Hill

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 Harness you Hormones and Get your cycle working for you.
Period power is a great source of information that is easy to follow and lets you really get to grips with the ups and downs you face during the month. From the tears to the cramps, she explains it all!! 
'If you have a period you need to read this book' - Anna Jones
'Hill's advice is straightforward and no-nonsense' - The Guardian

'A life-transforming book… fascinating - Daily Mail

'Maisie Hill has written a bloody brilliant book (pun intended). Everything you need to know about periods and how they affect you and your life is here. It's revolutionary' - Miranda Sawyer

'Thank GOODNESS for Maisie Hill! Flipping open the lid on a vital conversation. It's about time we claimed the power of our periods!' - Gemma Cairney, broadcaster & co-founder of Boom Shakalaka Productions

'This is such an important book. Maisie's insights and cycle strategy have changed my life and my cycle. Period Power is written with such intelligence, humour and a deep understanding of women's health. If you have a period you need to read this book.' - Anna Jones, author of The Modern Cook's Year