How To Guide

Learning to use a menstrual cup is a journey, one we are here to support you on. It might take a few days or even a few cycles to get used to your cup. 
It's completely ok and normal to feel a little nervous or even scared. We have no intention of leaving you in your bathroom struggle alone. The most important thing, if you're able is to relax and take your time, listen to your body.
We are here to support your journey, we have a community on facebook where people have shared their difficulties and success stories with their cups. This is a safe place to ask advice or just gain some inspiration and reassurance. We are also available for one to one support over email for any questions or difficulties you may have. We would love to answer your questions and help you on your journey to becoming a happy and confident cup user. 
We have included some tricks and tips through out our instruction page. We understand that everyone is beautifully unique and these tips and tricks won't work for everyone. 
We feel it's important to remember how individual you all are, to take this learning experience at your own pace and feel out the best way for yourself. w
We are unable to make promises that these will be magic formulas for you but hopefully you will feel guided and find some of our insights helpful to your own journey. 
We completely understand that everyone is different and not all of you will find our tips useful. If you're still not completely confident and happy with your cup we are dedicated to supporting you. Please do reach out and give us the opportunity to try and help. Please be aware I am not a doctor, if you have any concerns before using a cup or experience any pain strong discomfort from your cup use, consult your health care professional. 

If after 90 days you feel our cup isn't for you will give you a full refund. Or offer you a different size.