Sea And Flo Menstrual Cup

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Choosing A Menstrual Cup Size That's Right For You 


 Our Cups 

 ✔️  No more realising you left your spare set of tampons at home in

your rush to make it to work.
✔️  No more numerous bathroom breaks throughout the day due to
heavy flow.
✔️  And certainly no more being afraid to try something new!
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A Sea+Flo menstrual cup is all you need to feel confident and supported during your period. The most important thing for us all at this time is to feel comfortable but also secure knowing you're covered.

The best thing about using a menstrual cup is that once you have mastered it, it really does look after you. You can continue with your day however you want even if that's swimming naked. 

Our cups are black because the time has passed for us to feel ashamed of our periods, and even the idea of feeling ashamed of a stained menstrual cup doesn't fight that stigma and subconscious negative emotion associated with bleeding. 

our cups are soft and have a circular stem which doesn't need to be trimmed down, creating ultimate comfort and easy removal. 

They help you have the most comfortable and worry-free period you can and have reduced menstrual cramps for a lot of people.